\"Teissier Technique the technological contribution\"

The assurance of a complete service and high performance

Your partner in machining, surface treatment and assembly

  • The bility to implement adapted to our customers need solutions 
  • The flexibility and agility of our production units
  • The convergences between the capacities and the machining skills, surface treatment and assembly  


Important components for industrial robots and modular manufacturing system of any size.

Parts examples - Robotics


The key elements for the distribution industry and the transmission of electricity.

Parts examples - Energy


Technical parts respondinf to the specific requirements of aviation.

Parts examples - Aeronautics

Vacuum technology

World reference resource in the field of innovative vacuum solutions.

Parts examples - Vacuum technology


Parts examples - Textile


A solution combining mechanics expertise and surface treatment for luxury music devices

Parts examples - Luxury

Other industries

Parts examples - Other indsutries

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